Day 167.5 in Beijing: R2D2 and What a Difference a Day Makes!

So, R2D2 was needed last night.

We only had him running during the night time because the day was pretty decent.

If you look at the pictures, it actually shows how crazy Beijing weather can be in one single day.

If you aren’t careful, you can start out with a perfect day and end up wearing a mask to protect yourself.

I have yet to wear a mask but I’m pretty sure that day is coming soon.

As you can see from the pictures, even with R2D2 only working for 8 hours at night, he is getting very dirty.

I thank you, R2D2, and Smart Air Filters for keeping us safe at night.

, for saving our lungs from breathing this gunk.


Day 165.5 in Beijing: R2D2 Enjoys the Fresh Air and Sunshine.

Honestly, this weather is confusing our little buddy.

It was horrible when we got him.

It has been fantastic since the second day.

Maybe R2’s reach and power is much more than just this room.

Maybe he’s cleaned up Beijing for a few days.

I know that isn’t possible but I’m going to enjoy this amazing weather.

It is about as perfect as it has been since I’ve been in Beijing.

And, for that, R2D2 deserves a bit of praise and rest.

Well done, R2.  Well done.

Since he hasn’t been used in the past day, I don’t have any pictures of his filter.

I’ll try and get some pictures of the gorgeous sky and post them as soon as possible.


Day 163.5 in Beijing: R2D2 needs a rest!

Jill and I came home and our little R2D2 Smart Air Filter was dead.

Well, we thought he was dead.

He just needed to unplug from the outlet for a few minutes to revive himself.

And, as far as we can tell, he’s back using the force to save us from the polluted air of Beijing!

Thanks, R2D2!

We were out most of the day today and it, to be honest, it was absolutely glorious.

We probably should have let R2D2 take the day off and just rest.

However, this is the droid we are looking for and we wanted to see how he would hold up.

We have to say, other than passing out for a few minutes before we got home, R2D2 is a champ!

Here are the pics from the day 4 of R2D2 and his quest to save our lungs.

Day 162.5 in Beijing: Day 3 of the R2D2 Air Filter.

So, our continued experiment with our Smart Air Filter is on day 3.

72 hours of cleaning the air in our apartment and allowing us to breathe a little more easily.

I’m wondering how many days R2D2 can go before needing an new filter.

I’m hoping for 30 days because I want to do a time line of that length but I’m worried it will only be 2 weeks, or less, especially as the coal power plants start to burn and release more pollution into the air.

I don’t like jumping to conclusions and fortune telling, but if the past is relevant, it will get much worse before it gets better.