Day 158 in Beijing: The Big Sohigian.

I’m a huge fan of The Big Lebowski.

If you’ve never seen it, go see it now.

For your information, Dude, I don’t usually drink coffee.

For some reason, sitting in the restaurant at the Grand Paragon in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, this just felt right to me.

I decided that I had to do a Walter Sobcheck picture of me and my coffee.

For those of you that don’t know the scene, this is the heart of it.

WALTER “Lady, I got buddies who died face-down in the muck so you and I could enjoy this family restaurant!”

DUDE “All right, I’m leaving. I’m sorry ma’am.”

WALTER “Don’t run away from this, Dude! G#$@amnit, this affects all of us!”

WALTER “Our basic freedoms!”

WALTER: “I’m staying. Finishing my coffee.”

WALTER: “Enjoying my coffee.”

By the way, this was on Shomer Shabbas.

By the way, this was on Shomer Shabbas.

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