Day 164.5 in Beijing: And, On Day 4, R2D2 Rested.

Our little R2D2 Smart Air Filter has been changing speeds by its own accord in the past few hours so we thought he needed a little rest today.

We shut him down for about 15 hours and hopefully he’ll be feeling better when we wake him back up.

Heck, even androids dream of electric sheep and need a break.

I’m just a little worried that R2D2 will go all “WOPR” on us and the whole world will be in trouble.

Then again, maybe if he becomes the clean air WOPR, he will clean up all of Beijing’s horrible air and help the rest of the world.

That being said, another reason we were able to give R2D2 a day of rest is that the weather in Beijing has been amazing for the past 2 days.  It is as clean and clear as anything in the San Francisco bay area and we have been enjoying it by going outside and doing all kinds of fun stuff.

Here is to fresh air and letting R2D2 have a well deserved break!

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