Day 168 in Beijing: It Gets Difficult.

It is day 168 in Beijing and it is getting difficult.

It is hard to know what will interest people and what to talk about it, day after day, because my life doesn’t change that much compared to when I’m at home in America.

And, I doubt anyone would be that interested in my day-to-day life in America so I’m not sure what to write about on my daily adventures here in China and Beijing.

Taxi cab rides?  Done that.

Museums? Done that.

Palaces? Done that.

Shopping?  Done that.

Wine and beer?  Done that.

I could use some suggestions on what people would be interested in reading about and knowing.

I would say the eye-opening experience, for me, is how impressed I am with people that put out new posts, every single day, and always have something interesting to talk about in them.

It is very fun to do this but it is also work.

Any thoughts?

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