Day 183 in Beijing: Dolce & Vabanna.

Rockin' the sleeveless tshirt.

Rockin’ the sleeveless tshirt.

There is a very cool market about 10 minutes walk from our apartment complex.

It is a bunch of small shops, with the owners manning the stores and under one massive roof.

Basically it is an open-air market with a roof.

We went there to get some pictures framed and also because our friend, Federica, goes to university near it and said it is a fun place to check out the merchandise and see how the local Chinese people shop for the items they need to buy.

We also needed to buy some winter gear since it will get very cold, very soon, and we didn’t want to be caught out in the cold.

Up close and personal.

Up close and personal.

We looked at some of the jackets but didn’t really find one that would fit me as it seems my arms are a bit too long for most the jackets that are made here.  I’ve heard from other expatriates this is a common occurrence and it can be troublesome to find clothes that fit well.

We did find a great skull cap and some excellent gloves that were quite inexpensive.

That being said, my favorite part was walking up to this shirt, reading the print, and sharing it with Federica.

Federica is from Italy so she got a good laugh out of this shirt.

We didn’t buy it, yet, but we may just do that for the novelty of it.

In case you can’t read the fine print:

“Simple sneakers and shoes.

“Dolce & Vabanna”

“One Pair Op Sneakers”

(totally garbled and speaking in tongues mess which I won’t even attempt to type out)

“Snekers shionm know the beauty of the people and so this fashion arbna mhsclzi and dhmkn”

All yours for the low, low, low asking price of 20RMB or about 3 USD.


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