Day 249 in Beijing: Matching Shirts.

We love our little motorcycle and sidecar shirt!

We love our little motorcycle and sidecar shirt!

Jill and I went out to dinner with our friend, Brian, a few months ago.

He introduced us to one of his friends, Laurie Burkitt, who writes for the Wall Street Journal.

She did a piece on couples that wear the same shirt to show love and affection since there isn’t a lot of public displays between people in China.

Well, Jill and I took it one step further.

Love on a bug!

Love on a bug!

As we were walking around Maleka, with our friend Dipesh, we actually found shirts that are a “combined” cartoon when we wear them side-by-side.

Yes, we really are that dorky.

We have worn them a few times in Beijing and our friends laugh and think they are pretty cool.

I’m glad we bought them so we can show affection to each other while not offending anyone.

Actually we do hold hands and kiss in public.

We are so scandalous!


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