Day 260 in Beijing: Turning 45.

Kenn, Martin, Jill and me cheering my birthday at 12:01 am!

Kenn, Martin, Jill and me cheering my birthday at 12:01 am!

I turned 45 yesterday.

It hasn’t really struck me yet because I tend to believe that we are as young as we believe and we act.

I have always been young at heart and will continue to be that way, hopefully, until I die.

Which, unless you haven’t heard, I don’t plan to do for a very long time.

I have way too many places to visit, people to meet, and things to do.

Jill and I went out to one of our favorite haunts in Beijing, The Local.

We are buddies with the owners, Kenn and Martin, and love their positive attitude and sense of joy about almost everything that comes their way.

From what I can tell, they try to laugh off negative events and find a way to be positive and figure out how to take advantage of the issue.

Since they brew beer there, I’d say, when life gives you barley, make beer.  And they do!

We hung out with them until around 2 am and drank their beer, ate great food, and just enjoy their company.

I also won 1st place on Mario Cart, which they let us play at their bar, and that is a first for me because i’m usually horrible at that game.  Kenn and Martin have renamed it “Beerio Cart.”  I think it is fitting to say the least!

I’ve become addicted to playing the game, as has Jill, and it is a wonderful way to spend time with friends, hang out, and just relax.

Especially the night before I turn 45.

And then to have a birthday “Cheers” at 12:01 am on my birthday was a perfect way to bring in my 46th year on this planet.

Stay positive, be kind to others, and things tend to work out.

I wish you all a wonderful life.

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