Day 270 in Beijing: Time to Shop: Tibetan Style, Re-Dux.

The Tibetan Gentleman.

The Tibetan Gentleman.

So, if you are a faithful reader and follower of my blog you will know that I messed up a previous blog post that was supposed to be about a Tibetan man Jill and I saw walking around the Yashow Market a week ago or so.

Well, I’m trying to stay true to my word and so here is the post!

We were walking around as I was trying to buy a knock-off of Beats By Dre bluetooth headphones and saw this incredibly elegant looking man walking through the market.

I followed him around a bit and tried to take a few pictures without being intrusive.

Being that loads of Chinese people take pictures of Jill and me, and even sometimes touch us, I thought I was actually pretty sly and respectful.

I don’t think he noticed me and, if he did, I hope he realized that I took the pictures because he looked so wonderful and majestic.

I usually don’t get offended when people take our pictures, or stare at us, because we know that many of the country people in China haven’t seen foreigners in person.

Beats By Dre knock off bluetooth headphones.

Beats By Dre knock off bluetooth headphones.

They come to Beijing, or Shanghai, and see all these different people and are rather amazed.

I don’t blame them.  If I grew up in some small town located far from a major city, I’d probably act the same way.

Anyway, not only did I get this wonderful picture of this Tibetan gentleman, I did a great job of bargaining for my headset and got it down from 30 to about 12 USD.

I’m guessing it probably cost about 35 cents to make so they still made out very well but that seems to have been quite a good deal according to my friends who also buy things at Yashow.

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