Day 286 in Beijing: Doggies!

Two cuties in their winter gear!

Two cuties in their winter gear!

I was walking to work today and noticed these two cuties.

I’ve seen them around a bit but didn’t have time to grab my camera before today.

I walked over, asked their owner if I could take a picture, and took a few.

The lady said their names so they would look up at me for the picture and then it struck me.

The bigger one either has a physical deformity or had been in some type of accident and had a painful looking injury.

Just walking around.  Digging life.

Just walking around. Digging life.

If you look closely at the picture, the doggy’s left leg is pushed out at the shoulder.

Also, he had to turn his neck sideways and look out of the side of his eye to see me.

He wasn’t able to tilt his head back to look upwards like his buddy did.

I felt sad for him but he has always seemed like a happy and joyous dog so maybe he doesn’t even realize he has a problem and just keeps on living his happy doggy life.

Another lesson learned and not a bad way to deal with an injury if one can do it.


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