Day 300 in Beijing: JILL AND I ARE MARRIED!!!!

Yes, it is true.

Jill and I are married.

We tied the knot.

We know we let down a lot of our family and our friends because we didn’t tell you beforehand.

We also know you are probably upset because you weren’t able to attend the ceremony.

You probably have no interest in sending us flowers or even talking to us at this point.

We understand and we respect your wishes.

However, we are in love.

We aren’t getting any younger.


most importantly,

it is Day 300 in Beijing for me.

Why is that important?

Because Day 300 in Beijing for me lands squarely on April 2nd here in Beijing.

That is April 1st for most of you back in the USA.

Why is that important?

Because April 1st is commonly referred to April Fool’s Day.

So, in response to that bit of information, I hope you forgive me for my little joke.

I honestly hope you have a wonderful April Fool’s Day, wherever you are, and know that we send our love to you and yours, even if we aren’t even engaged at this point.

By the way, I didn’t even tell Jill about this blog post so she might be surprised by it also.

If my next blog post is about her packing up all her luggage, moving back to the USA and me wondering what went wrong, well, you know what that I am the one to blame.


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