Day 302 in Beijing: Pee Break!

He's got just the right angle to make a wonderful pee arc.

He’s got just the right angle to make a wonderful pee arc.



This is a bit much.

But this happens every single day.

Numerous times.

And is another reason we are glad to be moving out closer to the expatriate party of Beijing.

Between the spitting, getting run into walking down the street and finding poop on the sidewalks, we are ready for a little change.

This kid lives in the apartment below ours.

There are a number of service workers that live there and maybe there is a very limited amount of toilets.

I don’t want to judge but I’m just pointing out the reality of the cleanliness, or lack of, in a large part of Beijing.  Each culture has its own norms and that is the way life is.

This kid, who is about 3 years old, comes out and pees on the grass.

We get to watch this wonderful display of bodily functions, if we want, about 4 or 5 times a day, and no one else seems to mind.

Maybe it is our issue, actually it is our issue since it is our cultural belief that it would be more sanitary to pee in a toilet and not where people walk or stand, but that is life.

We’re content with not letting peeing in the street become a part of our cultural norm and use the toilet.

But hey, that is just Jill and my opinion.

Either way, the kid is super cute and we’ve watched him grow, for almost a year now, and he is very happy, laughs a lot, and obviously is very well loved and taken care of by his family.

Even though there is the “one child law” in China, it seems as if he has an older sister and she is very sweet and often takes him out and plays with him in the yard.

He used to scream a lot when we first moved in when he was upset.  In fact, we nicknamed him “The Screamer” in comparison to the baby who lives in the apartment on the other side of ours, who we nicknamed “The Crier.”

We didn’t get a lot of sleep sometimes.

However, as he has grown, he has stopped screaming as much and the crier seems to have stopped crying.

Which, in our opinion, is a positive since we start acting like criers and screamers if we don’t get enough sleep ourselves!

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