Day 336 in Beijing: Cup O’ Coffee.


To give the proper perspective, Jill stood inside the cup.

To give the proper perspective, Jill stood inside the cup.

Jill and I were walking to an art fair and came across this cup.

Or maybe it is more honest to say this cup came across us.

I don’t know.

All I know is it is in a state of repair/disrepair and quite amazing.

The size of this cup is huge.

It is a cool idea and immediately eye catching.

We are hoping they build a coffee bar inside it, as that would make sense, but this is China so they might as likely have a bank there.

One can never tell when form doesn’t meet function.

And form rarely meets function in China.

That being said, the forms are cool, neat and, quite often, the newest thing out there.

It is almost as they are building things to impress while not really planning on the use first.

I guess, with this much money and power, it doesn’t really matter as long as it is impressive and big.

This happens in many countries, in the USA, and it can be wasteful and silly.

However, sometimes that wasteful and silly building is also quite fun and cool to stand next to and take a picture inside of it.


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