Day 337 in Beijing: Dog Socks.


Cutie with bells on.

Cutie with bells on.

Jill and I continued our way to the art festival and noticed this cute little doggie walking with its owner.

The owner, not surprisingly in China, matched the doggie socks with her own sweats.

As she walks away.

As she walks away.

People seem to take a lot of time and effort to make sure their dogs are incredibly well groomed, dressed, and hopefully, treated.

From what we’ve seen, dogs in Beijing are definitely well treated and we hope this is true for the rest of China but we don’t have any proof either way.

This dog also had little bells on its socks and the owner could make sure it stayed close to her and was safe as they walked around near the street.

There are so many cute and tiny little dogs here it is a treat to walk around and just smile at them, lean over and pet them, and see the owner’s responses as they often seem very happy to let them interact with us each time.



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