Day 349 in Beijing: Health Check, Part 3


Jill doing her eye test.

Jill doing her eye test.

Now we are getting to the meat and potatoes of the health check.

Jill started jumping from room to room, with basically no break in between, and we were meeting the same expatriates along the way.  We all seemed to be following the same path, which seemed like a good idea, and laughing as we went along.

Jill left the X-ray room and went into the ECG room.

The nurse pulled the curtain and I stood outside the open door.

After Jill walked out she told me that the nurse just basically grabbed her shirt, lifted it up, and then started pushing her bra all over the place.

Now, not to be too personal, but Jill is sort of busty and it would have been much easier if the nurse just asked Jill to undo her bra, but this is China and so she just shoved Jill’s breasts around until she had the ECG suction cup pieces in place.

Good memories to be had by all!

My favorite point of the whole health check was when Jill went in to the Ear, Nose and Throat office and lined up for the vision check.

The doctor pointed at a line on the ground and Jill stood there and started looking at the wall.

No problem, right?

Wrong, because Jill stood looking AWAY from the eye exam board (the one with the little letters that we have to tell the doctor what they are to prove we aren’t blind) and I started laughing.

The doctor was very kind and asked her to turn around and then she passed that exam easily.

We kept running around the building, laughing at the weirdness of it all, and finally got to the “Surgery Room.”

Now, this was a bit scary since we have no idea what kind of surgery Jill would have to do or what exactly happens in this room.

Well, the doctor had Jill stand under this weird machine that looked like a shower head and then pressed a button.  There were some “beeps” and then he said, “Okay!” and we walked out not having any idea what the thing did, what it tested, or what the results would be.

I swear it was like being in a Star Trek transporter or something like that.

We then headed to the registration desk, again, and paid 357RMB and were told to return in one week to pick it up.


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