Day 353 in Beijing: Baidu Boy, Part 1.


So cool.

So cool.

Jill and I went back up the health center one more time because we wanted a copy of her report and they couldn’t do it that day.

We really enjoyed the amazing architecture and strange buildings that some of the companies had build in the area so we made sure to bring our camera and walked around before heading towards the health center.

Our favorite is the “Independence Day” type spaceship kind of structure that looms in between two major buildings in the center of the tech park.

It is utterly strange, magical and goofy.

Sort of like so much of what China is doing, and building, each and every day all over this country.

Our other favorites was the Baidu Building.

Baidu is basically the “Google” of China.

It is hugely popular and Google is also quite difficult to use in China, off VPN, because the servers aren’t based here and the government slows down the internet enough that it makes more sense to use Baidu.

That is, if you read Chinese.

Neither Jill nor I do so we are stuck using a very slow Google.

And, a slow Google maps is quite possibly the worst part of it because it is the best way to get around in China and figure out where you want to go, in English, because most the other mapping sites are in Chinese.

Trust me on this, I read and spoke Japanese and it makes Chinese look easy.

There is simply no way I’m going to have the time to spend to learn how to read Chinese let alone speak Mandarin.

I just have too much other things to focus on.

Including this blog, my job and Jill.


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