Day 359 in Beijing: Twins!


Twins doing what twins do.

Twins doing what twins do.

Jill and I have a favorite restaurant near our old apartment.

We are sad we won’t eat there anymore but there is just no reason to go to that part of Beijing ever again.

We’ve left it behind and we are ready to move on.

However, when we went a week or so ago, there were two guys eating near our table.

We didn’t even realize it, at first, but they were twins.

Then we started noticing their clothes, hair cuts, and glasses were exactly alike.

We found this to be quite interesting as many twins wear the same clothes when they are young but it seems as if these twins are continuing it into their early 20s.

I really liked their shirts and thought they were quite stylish.

I didn’t notice if they were eating the same meal.

I wonder if they were?

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