Day 375 in Beijing: Cheers To Us And Our New Apartment!




As you know, we moved into our new apartment a few weeks ago.

We truly could not be more happy.

Our friends, Sarah Ting-Ting Hou and Gordon Kutil, introduced us to Sienna Parulis-Cook, who had lived in this apartment for four years and was moving out of China.

Sienna was nice enough to let us take over her apartment and helped with the translation when we set up the contract also.

It is just about as perfect as we could imagine and the landlords are super friendly and helpful.  We actually have had a few things break and they are immediately there to fix them and lend a helping hand.

The landlords son, Zheng, speaks English very well, and is also very kind.  We’ve invited him out a few times and we will hopefully get to know him better.

The day we moved in, we decided to go to a few of our favorites haunts to celebrate with some friends.

Here are a few pictures of the events and views from around our new home.

By the way, the weather here has been incredible for the past week or two and the pictures show that.

If it was like this everyday, it would be so wonderful and different.


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