Day 382 in Beijing: Church Choir.


The Church Choir getting ready to sing.

The Church Choir getting ready to sing.

Jill’s friends from back in Nebraska, Kate and Mike, were in Beijing and we decided to meet up with them.

We hadn’t really been in this part of Beijing and got a bit lost trying to find their hotel.

That, in my humble opinion, is one of the joys of being an exptraite.

It is also, depending on where you are, one of the horrors.

Luckily, this was a good experience and nothing bad happened.

We actually ended up seeing something we never would have imagined in the middle of Beijing.

A huge Church with a choir practicing in front of it.

This was a weekend, at night, and so it wasn’t a normal church setting and it seemed all the of the crowd was enjoying it and a bit surprised also.

We ended up watching it for a few minutes and then met up with Jill’s friends after that.

Just another weird moment for us in Beijing.

It is sort of an every day experience at this point and makes it all worthwhile.


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