Day 384 in Beijing: EXCALIBUR!


King Arthur's court in Beijing?

King Arthur’s court in Beijing?

My buddy, Richard Ivey, wanted to know more about American Muscle Cars in China.  And Jill’s dad, Bill, also loves hot rods and rebuilds them so here’s a little something for you guys.

Jill and I went for a walk in search of the famous Xinyuanli wet market.

A wet market, for those that don’t know, and I didn’t know, is a place that sells mostly fresh goods and foods.

This means fresh meat, cheese, fruits and veggies.

We found it and it is amazing.

I will do a blog post on it in the near future but since I’m on my 10 day green smoothie challenge, and all I’m drinking is green smoothies, we didn’t buy anything there and I didn’t want to be too tempted by staying in it for a long time.

Suffice to say it is a huge market of pretty much anything you want.

I dub these, "Excalibur!"

I dub these, “Excalibur!”

As we walked around, looking for it, since we didn’t know exactly where it was, we happened upon this car.


I was a huge Dungeons and Dragons geek, and loved pretty much everything medieval when I was a kid, so I dig that they named this car Excalibur after King Arthur’s magical sword.

Interestingly enough, while researching this post, I found out that it was originally designed for Studebaker and then privately made by a company in Wisconsin.  It is also a very classy and highly original and elegant car.  Check out the link above for some of the facts about it.  Definitely American made with love and respect.

How one ended up parked on the streets of Beijing, I’ll never know.

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