Day 396 in Beijing: Doggie Shoes.


Doggy with shoes!

Doggy with shoes!

Yes, another post about dogs in China.

Jill and I love them and can’t get enough of these little cuties!

So this guy, or girl, was wearing very stylish red booties, as you can see in the video, and we just kept laughing at how cute he, or she, looked.

There are so many cute dogs in Beijing, and many of them with little shoes on, just hanging out and walking around.

Many of them are unleashed so they just cruise by their owners and do their own thing.

Bigger dogs are outlawed in Beijing, so most the dogs are pretty tiny.

I have seen bigger dogs, including Afghans, Huskies, and other big breeds, but they are fairly rare and people have to pay some pretty stiff fines for having them…or know the right people to be able to have them in Beijing, if you know what I mean…hint hint, wink wink.


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