Day 397 in Beijing: Doggone Crazy!


A huge doggie in Beijing.

A huge doggie in Beijing.

Another doggie video and post!

This dog was utterly hilarious and having the time of its life and we couldn’t resist taking a video and being a tiny part of the action as it ran around us and went totally nuts.

If you watch until the end, you’ll also see a massive dog come into view.  Again, big dogs are outlawed in Beijing but people can get them if they pay, uh, I mean, “want” them enough.

I have no idea why I love dogs so much but I sure love them.

I grew up with dogs and cats, outside of Healdsburg, California, on 6 acres of land and in the redwood forest.

It was pretty much the most perfect, and idyllic, place to be raised that I can imagine.

It is, in pretty much every way possible, the opposite of Beijing.

Our closest neighbors were about half a mile away and we lived back off the main road about 1 mile.

On an unpaved dirt road that many of my friend’s parents didn’t want to drive up because their cars would get so dusty.

We also lived 7 miles outside of the tiny town of Healdsburg, so it was a real drag getting in and out, which meant for more quite time and calm.

By the way, Healdsburg is now the heart of the wine country and incredibly popular and “hip.”  It wasn’t when I lived there and people that go there now can’t imagine how different it has become in the past 20 years.

We had a dog, when we were kids, named, “Horse.”

He was a huge black lab and was like a “horse” so that is what he was named.

We went to our friend’s house, Rob Maddox, whose lab had just had a huge litter.

My mom sat down and Horse just jumped into her lap and he chose us.

He lived about 17 years and was the most loyal, faithful and amazing dog.

He could actually smile when he was happy.

I remember one time when a boar came onto our land and horse started barking and charged it to protect us.

I think this is why I love dogs so much.

They are caring, affectionate and protective.

And they are just big love bugs!


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