Day 409 in Beijing: I Honestly Couldn’t Think Up A Title That Fit.


Tamping Down The Earth.

Tamping Down The Earth.

I pride myself on thinking up witty titles to my blog posts.

I really tried to figure one out for this post.

I couldn’t.

I just realized, “Tamping Down The Earth” would have been good but, c’est la vie!

This was taken the day before Jill and I headed out for Turkey and Greece on our month long vacation and it blew my mind.

This is right outside of the 7-11 across from our apartment.

As I’ve written before, they are constantly rebuilding Beijing and this is no exception.

Usually we have no clue what they are doing, or why, but it never seems to cease.

These gentlemen were working away and tamping down the Earth to put new concrete over it in the next day or so.

I truly love this machine and imagine it being used in a Rube Goldberg machine if someone can figure out a way to get one out of China.



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