Day 412 in Beijing: Installing the Air Conditioning Unit, Part 1.


Hanging from the 5th Floor.

Hanging from the 5th Floor.

This is going to be a 5 part series.

One of the reasons is the photographs, and story, deserve their own page.

The other reason is each video that I filmed deserves it’s own page because you don’t want to skip any of them.

This is how installations in China are done from what Jill and I have seen so far.

We’ve been outside of apartments that have air conditioning units being installed and we’ve been rather amazed at the guys sitting, or standing, on top of them and just working away.

Most of them don’t have any safety equipment and do their work so quickly it is hard to follow with the naked eye.

Suffice to say, Jill and I always stop and stare at them and then shake our heads in amazement and worry.

Well, we were able to see it up close, personal and from the inside for the first time last month.

Let me just say that it is even more terrifying when someone is hanging out the window of your apartment and removing a air conditioner without any safety gear.

The one thing that gave us a slight bit of calm was when they installed the new air conditioner and actually used some climbing gear.

I do have to state that when the guy climbed out, with only the lighter and smaller dude “anchoring” him, Jill and I both held our breath until he climbed back in the window to safety.

By the way, there are loads of horror stories regarding landlords in China.

We were incredibly lucky and are incredibly thankful to have some of the nicest landlords ever.

Their son, Zhang, also speaks amazing English and is incredibly kind and helpful.

We’ve invited him out to dinner a few times and look forward to hanging out with his soon!


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