Day 417 in Beijing: World Park.


The castle entrance to the World Park!

The castle entrance to the World Park!

Jill and I were getting ready to vacation in Turkey and Greece in a few days but decided we’d visit the Beijing World Park before we left for a month.

We invited Gulzar, our roommate from Xinjiang, to come with us since she would be leaving Beijing soon and we wanted to spend some more time with her before she returned home.

We also thought it would be a rather hilarious place to visit since we were going to see the real sites in Turkey and in Greece and to compare them would be quite fun and absurd.

Well, we were not wrong in our assumption.

It was one of the strangest places we have visited, so far, and it was a lot of fun.

Most of the places are done in a 1:25 scale and are pretty fairly reproduced according to the real place.

We decided we’d start our tour and then walk around so we could see the whole world and not miss anything important.

The next few days will be separated into each different area of the world and the buildings/bridges/scenes from each part that we visited.

Some will be quite well done, while others will be pretty strange, but all were fun and a joy to experience and take pictures of and be around during the day.

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