Day 421 in Beijing: World Park: Latin America.


El Tajin.

El Tajin.

We next traveled to Latin America and checked out the sites.

There weren’t very many but they were fairly well done and some of the Chinglish translations left us laughing and happy, if not more educated, on what the monuments were designed for.

However, I can’t imagine people going to the World Park are truly interested in a history lesson and any type of information is better than none.

I think that there wasn’t a lot about Latin America as that part of the world doesn’t seem to have the tourism pull that the USA or parts of Europe has for most Chinese at this time.

I’m sure that as they start to travel to Latin America more, they will add more sites and exhibits.

I was sorely tempted to climb the pyramid that was designed for sacrifices to Apollo.

Maybe my USA education is sorely lacking, but I’m fairly sure that Apollo and Mexico didn’t have a lot in common.

However, I may just have to go back and read some more history books to become better educated.

I have obviously lived in China too long.


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