Day 427 In Beijing: Australia and Easter Island.


The Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House.

Off we went to the magical island of Australia…and Easter Island after that.

I’ve been to Australia and absolutely loved it.  Jill has never been to Australia so this was her “first time” visiting it and seeing the sights.

Sadly, the Sydney Opera House was pretty dirty but it still looked darn cool as the design is supposed to resemble the sails on a ship as it sails through the ocean.

I can’t quite figure out why the Sydney Harbor Bridge is blue, since it is actually grey, but I guess they have the designers of the World Park have their reasons.

Jill, Gulzar and I really liked how close the Dome of the Rock and Australia were located in the World Park since they are probably about as far apart as any two places on the Earth, but literally and figuratively.

However, when you have limited space, you make displays fit into where you can and they have done a good job of that at the World Park.  It is a rather large space and we became so worn out we didn’t even get to see everything they had in one day and may return again at a future date.

The Moai on the Easter Island island were only about 5 feet tall but were fun to imagine being full sized and awe inspiring.

We then moved on to the Asian part of the World Park.


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