Day 455 In Beijing: Sefa Restaurant.


Getting ready to eat our delicious lunch!

Getting ready to eat our delicious lunch!

After visiting with Mike, Jill and I went to lunch.

Mike suggested we go to the Sefa Restaurant, which was close, and one of his favorites.

To give you a quick idea, the Hagia Sofia, the Basilica Cistern, the Blue Mosque, the Kybele Hotel, and the Sefa Restaurant are all within a 10 minute walking area.

I have to say that it is utterly mind blowing to have so much history is such a small area.

It is something that I would be continually reminded of as we traveled for this month and saw so much in Turkey and in Greece.

It reminded me of my trip to Italy about 7 years ago.

I’d be walking down this street, with a bunch of stores, and then turn a corner and BAM, right in my face is the Trevi or some other incredible artifact of times gone by.

The USA is too “new”to have that kind of history, other than the Native Americans, and it is a very different feeling than being in San Francisco, LA, or even NYC, since the East Coast has more “history” than the West Coast.



I enjoy being surprised by history and having my mind expanded and my beliefs tested by what I learn, each and every day, when I’m on the road.

Jill is the same way which is why we make such a great couple.

I still can’t believe we met 8 days before I left for China and she decided to join me over here.

That says a lot about her.

And maybe a little about me too.

The lunch, as Mike suggested it would be, was fantastic.

The food was filling, fresh and delicious, and very well priced.

Simply said, we loved it and felt, once again, like we were home.


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