Day 487 In Beijing: Trip To Tianjin, Part 4.


I'm a cowboy! On a steel horse I ride!

I’m a cowboy! On a steel horse I ride!

Jill and I are seriously young at heart.

We are both in good health, as far as we know, and we try to keep a positive attitude on life.

I used to be a juggler, back in the day, and used to perform with my older brother, David, in Santa Rosa and Davis.

We also performed a few other places but I can’t really remember.

So much for being young at head.  🙂

Anyway, I tend to like doing silly things and making people laugh.

I never wanted to have kids but I think I always wanted to stay a kid and I’m doing my best to achieve that goal.

In light of that, I thought I’d post this video, from a few nights ago, when we were on our way to dinner with Nuria.

Nuria, as you can see, hops on right after I got off.

The poor machine didn’t move an inch, under our weight, but was just fine after we were done.

The shopkeeper was laughing and smiling at us as we goofed off and seemed to enjoy it.


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