Day 506 In Beijing: Arrival at Village Cave House Hotel.


The view from our room.

The view from our room.


Jill was in the back seat, talking to the other expatriates, and I was hanging out in the front seat enjoying the scenery.

We drove in to Goreme, a very small town in Cappadocia, and I was instantly blown away by the fairy chimneys that were all over this tiny little town.

Fairy Chimneys are naturally occurring rock towers in this area of Turkey.

They don’t seem to be anywhere else and they have a long history of being used, by the locals, as places to live in.

Since the rock is mostly made of lava, from a number of different volcanic eruptions, it is very soft and easy to carve out.

So, the locals carve out rooms and stay in them.

Not stayed, but stay.  Currently.

We drove by a few hotels, like the one we have made reservations in, and drove up to one that was up on the hill side and actually built into the mountain.

I turned to Jill and said, “I wish we had spent a bit more money and booked one of these!”

As the van slowed down, and the driver put the transmission into park, Jill smiled and said, “Surprise!  I did book this for us!”

I was completely blown away and, once again, amazed at Jill’s thoughtfulness and ability to make our lives together that much better.

We got our bags, walked into the Village Cave House Hotel and met Onur at the reception.

His father had started this hotel and he, his brother, and his mother still run it.

He took us to our hotel room and it was about half way up the mountain side and had a fantastic view of the valley.

We couldn’t believe how perfect everything was and how amazing our trip was going.


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