Day 79 in Beijing: The Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, Part 2.

As we bought our tickets for the cable car, our friend Kean did his best to order what we wanted.  Our thoughts were to do the cable car going up, walk the Great Wall, and then take the tobaggan down the mountain.

Yep, they have a tobaggan that takes you down the mountain after you finish walking this majestic piece of Chinese history.

Imagine if they had a tobaggan ride from Macchu Picchu.

The absurdity of it all just fits so perfectly in China.

As we rode up the cable car, we had gorgeous views of the valley and started to see bits and pieces of the Great Wall.

After about 10 minutes, we reached the end of our ride and hopped off.  We headed towards the Wall and started taking massive amounts of pictures and just taking in the sights.

I have to admit being rather stunned and amazed by the size and grandiosity of the Wall.

It is much more amazing than I would have ever imagined and even a few days after just keep thinking how incredible that I was able to be at the Great Wall and have this memory for the rest of my life.

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