Day 160.5 in Beijing: Day One of The Smart Air Filter.

We have been using our Smart Air Filter for 24 hours.

It was a fairly horrible pollution day in Beijing today.

The picture makes that clear.

However, that is outside our apartment.

We had NO idea how bad it was inside our apartment.

We actually keep a very clean apartment and make sure it is vacuumed, mopped and everything is put away each night.

We detest culture and mess.

As a therapist, the probably says something about my personality.  I’m okay with it so it doesn’t bother me.

However, after one day of using our little R2D2 air filter buddy, we were disgusted and horrified.

This is what we’ve been breathing, inside our apartment, since we’ve been in Beijing.

This does not makes us happy.  It also explains why we’ve both been having trouble sleeping, feeling utterly fatigued when we wake up, and feeling as if we are low on energy compared to how we were in America and also on vacation in Malaysia and Singapore.

It all starts to fit together when you can see the puzzle and all the pieces.

Simply said, we ordered two more of our little R2D2 units right as we were posting this.

Our health is worth way more than our little buddies cost and we are going to need all the help we can get when the Beijing winters get worse and they turn on the coal power plants to heat the city and the rest of China.

Take a look at the black pollution that has framed where the fan is pushing it through the HEPA filter.

Imagine what this will look like in a week?

I shudder to think.

And yet, you can be sure, I’ll be taking pictures and you can see what it looks like along with me.

You can breathe easy though, my friends, since you don’t have to breathe the air Jill, I and 23 million other Beijingers are breathing right now.

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