Day 542 In Beijing: Derinkuyu: The Underground City, Part 2.


We had a lot of fun underground.

We had a lot of fun underground.


Jill and I continued to explore Derinkuyu and were utterly amazed.

We could not imagine over 20,000 people living in these tight quarters for hundreds of years.

As we walked, we noticed the ground had a lot of small depressions dug into it.

We learned that this was a way of tripping up intruders if they happened to find the underground cities.

Each level had certain depressions, that members had to memorize, so they could run down the hallways in the dark, and not trip over them.

The intruders would not be able to see them and break their ankles as they stepped into them.

If they had torches, they’d see them but be slowed down enough where the city dwellers could kill them before the attackers could do much damage.

If you notice, the tunnels are incredibly tight and very small.

We had to bend over, almost touching our toes, when we went through them.

There are also many stairs and they get quite tiring.  I couldn’t imagine trying to bring any armor or weapons into these cities and mounting an attack.

It would be impossible and the attackers would just have to wait out the people living in the underground cities.

However, the people living there had massive stores of food, and since the people above ground had no idea that these cities were here, there is no reason that they’d even be found!

By the way, the pictures of us were taken by our Colombian friends who we met on the Blue Tour the day before.

They happened to be on this tour with us also so we were able to spend a lot of time with them and it made our tour even more amazing.


Day 255 in Beijing: Welcome To The Gun Show!

The lovely Jill with her presents.

The lovely Jill with her presents.

So, if you read my previous post, you know that I hadn’t actually given Jill her presents by the time it was written.

Here is the end result of our first Valentine’s Day in China.

I bought Jill a flower, a teflon wine bottle stopper in the shape of a Chinese woman, and a handwoven scarf.

She really liked them and seemed to be quite happy.

However, the gift she really liked was when I gave her two free tickets to the GUN SHOW!

Step right up and redeem your tickets to the GUN SHOW!

Step right up and redeem your tickets to the GUN SHOW!

This is meant sarcastically but since I’m turning 45 in about 5 days, I decided to get into shape and I’m hoping to do 45 straight pushups next week after only being able to do 15 just 2 weeks ago.

Simply stated, Jill inspires me to be a better person just by being the person she is each moment.

I wish everyone reading this the same type of relationship I have with her.

Don’t give up until you want.  Even if it takes 45 years.

Or longer.

You may not realize it yet, but, you are worth it.