Day 128 in Beijing: The Famous Beijing Foot Massage.

As Jill and I were returning from Shanghai, we met two Italians that had been traveling the world for the last 6 years.  We had a wonderful 5 hour conversation with Fabrizio and Deborah and wanted to make sure to hang out in Beijing together.

We decided we’d get foot massages as Beijing is famous for having very painful, and yet healthy, massages.

Jill, who is quite ticklish, offered to skip it and be the photographer for the event.

We decided we’d be the guinea pigs for the pain that was about to come our way.

Well, either our massage therapists knew that we were wimpy expatriates or we are way more macho than we thought as the massages were very comfortable and relaxing.

I didn’t even have one minute of discomfort and was happy I went as were Deborah and Fabrizio.

I would encourage anyone in Beijing to try it out and just let the time fly by.  It ended up costing about 5 bucks American for a 30 minute massage.  Perfection!


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