Day 150 in Beijing: The Summer Palace, Part 1.

The Summer Palace in Beijing is magnificent.

Then again, it was built for an Emperor so that sort of makes sense, right?

It is sprawling, it is majestic, and it has a 59 foot tall duck in the Summer Palace’s Kunming Lake.

Yes, you read that right, a 59 foot tall duck.

Not just any duck. This is a duck that has traveled all over the world and is in Beijing for one more week.

Jill and I decided we’d go and see the palace, visit the duck, and go for a ride on one of the boats at the lake.

We’d been putting it off until we had a day with nice weather since going out to see beautiful scenery with grey and polluted skies is not something we enjoy.

The Sunday we went out was perfect.

There were lots of other tourists around, both Chinese nationals and foreign, and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.

We had a lunch of potato chips (BBQ beef flavored, which was actually quite yummy) and ice cream.  Not very healthy but it was nice on a sunny and warm day.

Sometime you just have to forget the diet and enjoy.

Today was that day.

Acceptance is wonderful.

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