Day 16 in Beijing: Welcome To The Academy!

Like you, I had no idea what The Academy was or how I became a member.

I hoped there was an Oscar somewhere in my future but doubted that would happen.

After reading the work email and asking around, I found out that it was a welcoming party, of sorts, for people that have worked for my company less than 6 months.  It is a meet and greet with other co-workers and also senior management in a very nice restaurant.

The idea is to learn about how to better train, adapt and help new employees find their way and fit into the culture of our company. It also includes amazing food, delicious drinks, and a lot of fun.

The restaurant we went to was named Nomads and is about a five minute walk from my work.

NOMADS Restaurant. Can't wait to be a part of The Academy!

NOMADS Restaurant. Can’t wait to be a part of The Academy!


It is based on a theme of different nomadic tribes around China and there are many animal skins, paintings of famous nomadic lords, and weapons all along the restaurant.  It is very colorful and I felt like I was stepping into a different world.

We were asked to talk to each other and there were three tables set up with one senior manager at each one.  We were told that we’d be switching tables during dinner and it was the hope of my company that everyone would meet everyone else and we could have constructive thoughts on how to make the new job more enjoyable.

There was also food.  And lots of it.  Plates kept coming out every so often and it was all delicious.

I’ve mostly worked in non-profits in America and that is a very different story regarding parties and new hires.  In the non-profit sector, there are few parties and they are usually low key because the companies have to deal with government funding.

It was a wonderful experience to talk to so many new people, meet senior management who seemed genuinely interested in helping us meet our potential and have great food, drink and fun.


After only two weeks at work, I believe I’ve found my dream job.

And I welcome being a member of The Academy.

Food, Glorious Food!

Food, Glorious Food!


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