Day 168.5 in Beijing: Something Wicked This Way Comes.

All apologies to Ray Bradbury but it is absolutely correct to refer to something wicked in relation to the pollution in Beijing today.

It started out a beautiful blue day, much like the last few days we’ve been experiencing, but the air quality meter read a disturbing 150 or so.

Jill and i seemed surprised since the sky was pretty but there was a slight haze appearing on the horizon.

Then it all started to make sense.

The coal plants are now online and the heaters are working as the government has turned them on.

The pollution will wax and wane depending on the wind and the amount of coal being burnt to heat Northern China.

So, our little R2D2 unit is going to be working like a super droid to keep us safe.

We are actually going to order the newest arrival from Smart Air Filters, “The Cannon” which is more expensive and yet made for bigger rooms and apartments like ours.

We are excited and looking forward to seeing how it lowers the pollution in our apartment and if The Cannon and R2D2 can be friends.

Heck, if R2 could put up with C-3PO he can put up with just about anyone.

And judging from his ability to save us from the Beijing air, he can also put up with just about anything else that is thrown at him!

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