Day 176 in Beijing: I. Want. This. Car.

Zoom Zoom!

Zoom Zoom!

The title says it all.

It is smaller than the “Smart Car” by a long (short?) shot and electric.

It would be perfect for Jill and me.

It is also pretty inexpensive.

It goes for about 400-500 USD and you can remove the lithium-ion battery and plug it into a normal household outlet.

I want to cuddle this little guy!

I want to cuddle this little guy!

The battery is about 1 foot by 5 inches by 5 inches and weighs about 5 pounds.

Maybe when Spring comes, we will buy one to cruise around Beijing.

It would be an easy, and economical, way to get around this rather huge city.

And, I guess, it would be a little safer than a scooter.


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