Day 2 in Beijing: The New Job.

After arriving approximately 36 hours ago in Beijing, I started my new job today.

I thought I’d be hired to work part-time as almost all the other clinicians work part-time and that was discussed before coming over to China.  Instead, I was offered a full-time position!  I have to say it was a total surprise and I’m overjoyed to be a full-time employee at this international healthcare company.

I met many of my coworkers and am incredibly impressed with the professionalism of this company.  Everyone is incredibly friendly and very conscientious.  The office building is only about four years old and it is gorgeous inside.

The first floor is the reception, assistance/phone call center, and Japanese medical staff.  This is where clients will call in with any type of question and talk to professionals about their options.

The second floor is the medical staff and psychology.  We have a lot of people from different cultures and therefore the agency is set up to have doctors and clinicians that can speak many different languages.  The medical staff has everything from dentistry to radiology.  Again, I’m truly impressed.

The third floor is mostly business and professional staff.  It is a very open room with lots of air space and glass meeting rooms.

I am looking forward to working with everyone and meeting my first client as soon as possible.


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