Day 233 in Beijing: Flor de la Mar Museum.

My favorite shot of the day.

My favorite shot of the day.

Jill and I decided to explore some of Melaka’s museums today.

One of the most famous museums, and there are 34 museums in Melake presently, is the Flor de la Mar Museum.

It is located inside the replica of the Flor de la Mar ship that helped the Portugese conquer Melake in 1511.

The ship seems to have been the largest ship in the fleet and, because of that reason, was able to carry lots of cargo and treasure.

It also wasn’t particularly seaworthy and it was very difficult to manage her in the waters.

On the day of November 20th, she sailed into a storm and was lost.  She had been sailing home with a large trove of treasure and a full crew.  Much of it was lost and many of the crew died because of this wreck.

The museum houses a large collection of arms, statues of famous people, and information on different ships and why they were important.

We spent about 1 hour or so in it and had fun seeing how the world was “discovered” and thinking about how difficult it would have been to live a life of a sailor during that time.

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