Day 386 in Beijing: Martial Arts In Ritan Park.


Some Turkish food after watching martial arts.

Some Turkish food after watching martial arts.

Jill and I were wandering around our new apartment area and headed down to Ritan Park.

This area has a lot of restaurants from Eastern Europe and the Asian Sub-Continent.

We ended up eating lunch at a Turkish restaurant, to get us ready for our upcoming trip to Turkey and Greece starting July 15th, and enjoyed it greatly.

We’ve both been to Turkey before, Jill three times and me once, but neither have been to Greece.

We can not wait to see the blue ocean and enjoy the delicious food and the beauty of both countries.

We will be gone for a month, exactly, and it will be a wonderful way to celebrate everything that has happened in our first year in China, our first year together, and the first year of Jill’s website really starting to take off and become a big player in the San Francisco travel arena.

By the way, if you don’t know about Jill’s website, Please click here: SAN FRANCISCO TOURISM TIPS and “like” her page on Facebook or go to the actual San Francisco Tourism Tips website and subscribe by email.

Everyone that does that helps us immensely and allows us to continue to travels around the world and our eventual idea of living on a beach, moving countries every 3-6 months, and just being happy vagabonds.

We’d both greatly appreciate any support and please feel free to share with friends the live in San Francisco, want to visit San Francisco or want to know more about San Francisco!

Being that we are in Beijing, this is a bit of a digression.

My apologies.

As we walked around Ritan Park, Jill noticed this gentleman doing his martial arts and we were hypnotized.

I love that you can hear him hit his own hand as he kicks in the air.


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