Day 43 in Beijing: Google Password Protected Myself…From Me.

Google Password Protected Myself…From Me.


Moving to China I thought it would be prudent to set up the 2-step login on Google.

Security first.

I’m in a new country and I don’t know how the internet works or if it is encrypted.

So, I did what I could and set up the 2-step log in before I left America.


I tried it before I left and it worked perfectly.

When I logged in with my iPhone and my computer,

Google called me with a specific code number.

I entered it into my iPhone or computer.

And I was able to read my emails and do whatever I needed to do.


Then I arrived in China.

I tried to login at a new computer and this is what happened.

Google called my international Skype number.

I answered.

I got ready to start typing in the code,


I started hearing Mandarin.


Okay, this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Except I don’t know how to count in Mandarin.

I listened, started laughing, and decided I didn’t need to use Google mail right this instant.


In my desire to be safe and secure,

I made sure that I did the right thing,


Google Password Protected Myself…From Me.

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