Day 60 in Beijing: 6 for 60. My 6 Most Popular Posts.

These six posts were the most liked, shared or commented on either on Facebook or on my blog.

In no particular order.

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1. Day 36 in Beijing: Larvae, It’s What’s For Dinner

2. Day 24 in Beijng: Please Stan Fur And Hold The Hand Ru!

3. Day 21 in Beijing: 48 Bucks For a Haircut?  Are You Kidding Me?  Nope.  They Are Dead Serious.

4. Day 26 in Beijing: “Hi! Hello!” rather than “What The Heck!?! Holy S#&t!!!”

5. Day 22 in Beijing: With My Money On My Mind And My Mind On My Money.

6. Day 23 in Beijing:  Connolly.  Bruce Connolly.


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