Day 66 in Beijing: HBO and Cinemax


This is a bit embarrassing but I end up watching television sometime here in Beijing. I have to say, HBO and Cinemax in China are really strange. It is like America exported every movie that was made for VHS or Betamax, not even cable, straight to China.

I’ve seen movies I’ve never heard of, with utterly forgettable actors in them.  These are mostly American movies so it isn’t like I’m watching foreign films from Europe and these are actors I’d know if I lived there.

Some movies have very famous actors in them but the movies are unheard of in America.  These were their flops that they want to forget every making.

Average ratings on IMDB: about 4.5. These companies are making massive money on the worst movies ever made. Don’t blame Communism.  This is capitalism at its finest.
Here are a few to give you an idea:



Dracula: Dead and Loving It


of course,

no week would be finished unless you have a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

And, we do.

Assassination Games


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