Day 70 in Beijing: Rig, Part 1

One of the massive oil rigs we passed in the boat.

One of the massive oil rigs we passed while on the ship.

I had a chance of a lifetime a few weeks ago.

I was able to visit an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean and see what it is like to stay on it.

I am, in no way, stating that I actually understand how tough this job is or how difficult it is to live on this kind of environment.

These people work in conditions that are incredible.

During the summer the temperatures get up over 100 degrees.

In the winter, the bay freezes over, entirely, and one can walk on the ice.  There are stories

The low pressure gas being discharged.

The low pressure gas being discharged.

of the ice moving with the tides and keep pace with the people walking on it.  It is well below freezing and quite desolate.

People also have shifts of 28 days on, 28 days off.  And work 12 hour a day.  They are tougher than I ever will be and I was honored to meet them and watch them work.

I was also lucky enough to take some pictures.

On top of the helicopter platform.  About 150 feet above the water.

On top of the helicopter platform. About 150 feet above the water.

It was an amazing day and the weather was perfect.

The adventures I’ve been on, since arriving here only 2 months ago, have been staggering.

They include being interviewed for a magazine, interviewed a few times on radio, and going to an oil rig in the Pacific Ocean.

I never would have imagined any of these events

The "Frog."  A device that lifted us up to the platform.

The Frog.

when I planned to move to China, and it has see how all the changes, planning, and work that I’ve put into my life, has been to end up here, now.

It is something I notice when working at my job:  Mistakes are never mistakes if you learn from them.  They are simply experiences that make you stronger and able to see new possibilities.

The Frog, the device that lifted us to and from the platform, is a perfect example.  I don’t really have a fear of heights, but I have to admit, I was a bit leary of riding the Frog.  I did my research and found that they are the safest mode of transportation and almost every oil rig uses it.

Right before hopping on the Frog, I looked at the other people riding it and they seemed utterly calm, possibly even bored.  I decided to enjoy the experience, feel the thrill of “flying” and see what happened.

Not only was it a blast, but it was over much too fast.  I would have loved to ride it for longer and was overjoyed when I was able to ride it back down and really took my time and felt all the movement, wind in my hair, and saw all the views I could see.


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