11 Days to Beijing: The Doggies

We all have friends and family that we must say goodbye to when we leave and that can induce sadness and grief when getting ready to travel. However, my housemate has three dogs that I have grown to love and cherish.  The are all very cute and wonderful in their own way and, like humans, have their own distinct personalities.  All three were adopted through Milo Foundation which saves animals from shelters and does not allow them to be euthanized.

The first one is Luna.  Luna is about a year and a half old chihuahua  She entered our household about 9 months ago and was about half the size she is now.  She was absolutely tiny and has grown into a normal size chihuahua now.  She is incredibly friendly and kind and is not a “yippy” dog and quite quiet.  She also has the ability to smile when she is happy and often welcomes me home with a huge silly smile and a wagging tail.

The second is Lucita.  She is a beagle mix and reminds me of Doby from Harry Potter.  She is also incredibly kind and makes the cutest noises.  She doesn’t bark a lot but instead makes little grumble like noises.  She is very cuddly and likes to run at full speed around the yard and the house.  She’s very low to the ground so she looks like a missile when she is cruising and taking corners.

The last is Che.  Che is a cattle dog and lost his leg when he was shot.  He is incredibly smart and a great watch dog.  He also is incredibly fast and track down balls without any problems even though he is missing a leg.  He definitely thinks he is a human and will do silly barks that sound like he is trying to have a full conversation.  Especially when he is about to be fed.

I will miss each of these wonderful animals and know that they have been of great comfort to me and, I hope, I have been to them also.

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