Day 5 in Beijing: The Bridge

The RoadThis is the view from the bridge looking towards where I live.  One of the benefits of having a brother live here is that he has a place and I arrived knowing that I had somewhere to live.  His place is pretty obvious since it is one of the high rises that has the huge arch on top of it.  They are visible from quite a distance away and it makes it easy to find my way around the neighborhood when I’m a bit confused.

This is a view from one of the bridges that I use to cross the street as it can be pretty dangerous if you are new to the area since the road rules are very different than in the States.  An example of this is the red light right turn: the driver has right of way and does not stop.  So, if one is to cross the road and expects the driver to give way, they are sorely mistaken.  Luckily I was told this rule on the second day and have not had any trouble adjusting to it as I just keep my head on a swivel and try to be as aware as possible.  Definitely no talking, texting or browsing on the old iPhone as I walk around at this point.

If you look closely, off in the distance, there is a smokestack that is dead center.  There is a really nice interplay of colors and textures in this city and this picture captures a little bit of that.

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