Day 11 in Beijing: Sleep when you can. Where you can.

I’m guessing this is a construction worker.  Or a demolition expert.  Or a shop owner.  Or a rock star.  Or a person that just needed a nap. 

Honestly, you sleep when you can and where you can.  That is about it. 

Mind you, this is at 4 in the afternoon, in a highly populated area with many high rises and apartments close by.  This man is on the corner of where I work.  There is a 4 or 6 lane main road right beside him depending on which direction you go at this corner. 

It is not, in any way, relaxing or quiet. 

And yet, he is sound asleep. 

And looks fairly happy and comfortable. 

Sometime you just have to nap.

Sometime you just have to nap.


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