Day 136 in Beijing: Halloween. In Ito Yokado. Beijing Style.



We love our little local grocery store, Ito Yokado.

Actually it isn’t little or specifically a grocery store.

I lived in Japan in 1996-1997 and learned that many of the stores, like Ito Yokado, would have a Macy’s like top 4 or 5 levels and then a grocery store in the basement.  Sometime there would be a very nice art gallery on the top level of the store.

I found it to be a smart use of space and a good way to keep the shopping experience local and limit the use of driving/busing around to get what I needed during the day.

Luckily, there is an Ito Yokado about 1 block from my apartment.  It is also much cleaner, faster, and nicer than the Wu-Mart on the other side of our apartment complex.  Since the Wu-Mart often smells badly, it is a breath of fresh air.  Honestly.

We got there every other day as the fridge we have is almost like one from my days in the college dorms and we can’t fit very much inside it.

So, we went shopping a few days ago and we happened on to the display for Halloween in Ito Yokado.

I managed to snap this picture before a security guard told me that pictures were not allowed and that I shouldn’t have taken one.

I am not sure what problems my picture of their Halloween decorations could cause but please be nice and don’t cause any after seeing it.

Especially if you work in a rival grocery store.  We don’t want to get banned from Ito Yokado!

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