Day 163.5 in Beijing: R2D2 needs a rest!

Jill and I came home and our little R2D2 Smart Air Filter was dead.

Well, we thought he was dead.

He just needed to unplug from the outlet for a few minutes to revive himself.

And, as far as we can tell, he’s back using the force to save us from the polluted air of Beijing!

Thanks, R2D2!

We were out most of the day today and it, to be honest, it was absolutely glorious.

We probably should have let R2D2 take the day off and just rest.

However, this is the droid we are looking for and we wanted to see how he would hold up.

We have to say, other than passing out for a few minutes before we got home, R2D2 is a champ!

Here are the pics from the day 4 of R2D2 and his quest to save our lungs.

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