Day 163 in Beijing: To Infinity…And Beyond.

So, we checked into our room and after unpacking quickly and putting our stuff away, we jumped out to the 11th floor infinity pool.

The weather was a bit overcast, and that is normal for this time of year, and thunderstorms rolled through a little while after we finished with our swim.

We also had time to read, relax, and say hi to a few people.

It is surprising how easily it is to converse with people when you speak the same language.

Yes, this is an obvious statement, but it was something that I had forgotten.

It is equivalent to not being able to sleep for a few months and then getting a week of great sleep…you suddenly remember how wonderful the simple things in life can be in that instant.

The rain is actually quite amazing and I’m glad that we were able to experience that each day we were in Malaysia and Singapore.  I have a video and some pictures of a massive thunder and lightening storm that I will post on a future blog.  It was awe inspiring to watch the power of the Earth as it poured down for almost two hours straight.

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